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Foodie Films: Celebrating Our Favorite On-Screen Eats

Mon, Feb 19, 2018 at 2:05PM

Foodie Films: Celebrating Our Favorite On-Screen Eats

Oscars season is on its way, and we’ve got movies on our mind.

As food lovers, though, we can’t help but feel some extra favor for films that highlight food—from delicious desserts to scrumptious, mouthwatering breakfasts—in all its glory.

For a way to satisfy your craving for good cinema and some tasty eats, just read on as we explore our favorite food moments in film.


Matilda, the movie about a precocious young bookworm based on Roald Dahl’s book of the same name, is a fun film. Danny Devito and Rhea Perlman play Matilda’s not-so-perfect parents—but while they leave their daughter to her own devices, Matilda gets creative in the kitchen. She whips up a perfectly-executed pancake breakfast, measuring out the flour and letting the cakes sizzle to perfection on the pan, all before dishing the perfectly-round pancakes onto a plate.

Craving pancakes after your movie marathon? Peach Valley’s promise to be just as delicious—no work required! Dig into your choice of classic Buttermilk, Chocolate Chip, Banana, and more.


Everyone’s favorite elf, Buddy, enjoys his own take on breakfast fare in Elf. Unlike Matilda, though, he opts for something a little less traditional (and a whole lot sweeter): last night’s spaghetti, absolutely covered in syrup, marshmallows, candy and other treats. What more should we expect from a character who claims the four food groups to be, “candy, candy canes, candy corn and syrup?”. While we might not make Buddy’s ultra-sweet breakfast on our own, however, it’s nonetheless fun to see him eat the candy concoction.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Another holiday classic, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, naturally features a famous food scene. At the holiday season, we’re all about delicious, hearty family feasts… and so is family patriarch Clark Griswold. Unfortunately, his well-intentioned turkey dinner turns to chaos when the bird turns out to be more than a little overcooked—it pops open, parched and entirely inedible. It’s enough to make your holiday cooking mishaps look surprisingly small in comparison.


In this fun, colorful celebration of food, gourmet chef Carl decides he’s done with the upscale restaurant scene—instead, in search of flavor and creativity, he starts a food truck in Miami. Here, we get to see some truly mouthwatering food scenes as Carl assembles his signature dish, the Cuban sandwich, a simple yet satisfying combination of ham and cheese on Cuban bread.


We all remember E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial for the Reese’s Pieces it helped make famous—but one scene in the beloved film also centers around pizza. On the night that Elliot first meets E.T., he actually drops a delivered pizza (meant for his brother and his friends), scared by sense that he’s not alone in his backyard.

Lady and the Tramp

If the classic film Lady and the Tramp doesn’t make you crave spaghetti, we don’t know what will! The film’s famous pooches share a string of spaghetti against the backdrop of a candlelit night and the song Bella Notte.

Hungry yet? Dig into these delicious dishes on screen, then enjoy them in real life, too! Whether you make them at home or enjoy them here at Peach Valley, nothing pairs better with your favorite flicks than the meals that inspired them.

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We love the movies and PV?s fritters the perfect appetizer any time of the day!! We have introduced PV to several people!
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