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Fresh Summer Fun with Your Four-Legged Friend

Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 9:35AM

Fresh Summer Fun with Your Four-Legged Friend

There’s a lot to do and see this summer—and no one better to do and see it all with than your four-legged friend! Your pup can serve as your go-to pal for everything from swimming to afternoon jogs to eating fresh, vibrant flavors at home and beyond. Just read on to see a few of our favorite activities to enjoy together this summer.


Maybe it’s no surprise that yoga, famous for poses like the “downward dog,” is easy to enjoy with your four-legged pal! Yoga is a great activity to practice, especially in the summer months when the hustle and bustle of outdoor activities can have you looking for a way to relax and recharge. Pick a perfect spot—your living room, backyard, or even a dog-friendly beach—and bring Fido along for the fun. Sure, he might not fully understand the concept of different poses (even the ones named after him!), but he’ll certainly have a great time next to you. Even pups can benefit from some downtime and simple stretching every once in a while.

Beach fun

Not every beach is a place for pets—but the ones that do welcome furry friends are filled with fun ways to exercise together, from splashing around in the water to digging in the sand to endless games of catch. Smyrna Dunes Park in New Smyrna Beach is one great place to start, providing a beautiful back-to-nature escape for both you and your dog to discover!

When it comes to beaching with your dog, you can both take the opportunity to try something new. Some pairs have even found success surfing together! The options are truly endless.

Eating fresh

If you want to eat fresh, nutritious foods this summer, you don’t have to do it alone! Many fruits and lean protein options are just as good for you as they are for your furry friend. So if you’re picking up Peach Valley for a day at the park, or are wondering if you can share your leftovers with Fido, feel free to munch on these treats together…

  • Fresh strawberries, cut into small bite-size pieces (or served frozen for a cool treat), can be a great source of antioxidants, fiber and vitamin C, with lots of immune-boosting properties—just like they have for humans!
  • Cantaloupe is another tasty source of antioxidants. Just be sure to serve it without the rind.
  • Cooked eggs serve as a protein-rich, shareable snack.
  • Plain, sliced turkey is another delicious option. Just avoid adding seasoning, including onion or garlic.

(Wondering about how to feed Fido safely? The American Kennel Club recommends using these treats in moderation, and checking in with a vet before introducing new foods; you can also visit www.akc.org for a broader list of foods that your pet can and can’t eat with you!)

Pool party

Want to make swimming laps even more fun? If you’ve got a backyard pool, let Fido in to splash around if he likes the water! Just be sure to supervise pets in the pool.

Neighborhood jog (or a walk in the park!)

Humans and dogs are alike in that we both like to move! By taking your dog along for an afternoon jog or walk in the park, you’re enjoying the benefits of exercise and fresh air and your furry friend is, too.

Help a local pup

Enjoying exercise with pets is a great way to spend your summer—but even if you don’t have a dog yourself, you may still be able to spend time with one! Many animal shelters offer volunteers the opportunity to come in to walk dogs and play with them for exercise, so call around and see if this is something you may be able to do! It’s sure to be a rewarding experience for both you and the furry friend you meet.

There’s no limit to the ways you and Fido can have fun this summer! We hope that these tips help you enjoy the season ahead to the fullest.

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