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From Pencils to Pancakes and Backpacks to Bacon: A Back-to-School Season Survival Guide

Tue, Aug 17, 2021 at 3:18PM

From Pencils to Pancakes and Backpacks to Bacon: A Back-to-School Season Survival Guide

As we begin saying our goodbyes to summer and think towards the fall ahead, there’s a yearly tradition that’s fast on the way – back-to-school season! While circumstance might look a little bit different this year, there’s still plenty of ways to help prep your child or yourself for educational success despite any challenges you face. Read on for a few of our top tips as we navigate this seasonal transition with careful planning – and the best breakfast in Gainesville, too!

Shop Smart for School Supplies

Who doesn’t love a little shopping? Picking out new school supplies is one of the best ways to get the excitement rolling for getting back to class. So, help your child pick up all the best tools for success. Some highlights? Try an expandable file folder to keep all sorts of documents in one handy location – so you don’t have to worry about misplaced individual folders. Pick some fun novelty pens and pencils to help make taking notes fun instead of boring! Also, start color-coding for success – matching a color to each school subject or class is an easy way to make sure you’ve packed the right supplies at a glance.

Prep a Home Workspace for Success

Staying adaptable in the learning environment is important! Whether you’re opting to continue remote learning or are returning to the classroom, having desk space is still important for tackling everything from homework time to virtual learning with Zoom calls and beyond. Find dedicated workspace in a quiet part of your home that allows opportunity to focus – along with having a reliable Internet connection. Another helpful tip? If you’re jugging a lot of busy back-to-school schedules, build a communal family calendar in a shared space – so you can all keep track of ongoing family events in one location and manage your shared schedule at a glance. Organization is key when managing lots of family plans!

Begin Your Bedtime Routine

Finding it hard to get back to bed at a decent hour after a summertime filled with adventure and unusual sleep patterns? It’s time to find your new rhythm – optimally, by moving your family’s evening routine and bedtime up a bit every few days. While easing off summer freedom isn’t always easy, it’s important to get enough rest to be refreshed and ready to learn in the morning! So – start early to find the routine that works best for everyone.

Plan a Morning Checklist

Even if you’re a snoozer and never feel quite wide awake first thing in the A.M., there’s ways to make the process easier for early-morning you and your back-to-school kids. Plan your routine with a checklist – even posted visibly to the wall or the fridge if that simplifies your process. Write down everything that needs to get packed in backpacks or checked – lunches, after-school activity supplies, homework, or anything else. Plus, simple changes like setting out clothes the night before are an easy way to save some time in your morning routines.

Start with Your Best Breakfast

We think that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and fueling your brain with healthy, fresh food is a key way to start strong and face the school year ahead! Find your favorite breakfast in Gainesville Florida and beyond, packed with sunny-side-up eggs, tasty pancakes, fresh fruit, and so much more. Celebrate these new beginnings with a visit to Peach Valley Café for your best breakfast or brunch. On a full stomach, you’ll be energized to tackle all these organizational projects, and you’ll be ready for the exciting school year ahead before you know it.

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