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From Sweet to Savory: Enjoy Seasonal Valley Picks

Wed, Aug 15, 2018 at 9:05AM

From Sweet to Savory: Enjoy Seasonal Valley Picks

It’s that time of year again!

As we swing into the tail-end of summer, there’s still plenty of fresh, seasonal eats to enjoy—and you’ll find a few of our favorites right here, on our new Seasonal Valley Picks menu.

It’s a handcrafted medley of breakfast, brunch and lunch goodies that are sure to please every kind of palate. Read on as we highlight each new addition—just take a look below!

Lemonberry Pancakes

We’re kicking off our profile with a delicious pick for breakfast—or those long, easygoing weekend brunches you wish would never end!

Our Lemonberry Pancakes offer a light, delightful way to add some spark to your traditional stack of pancakes. Fluffy and sweet as ever, this fresh new take comes with a hint of lemon and fresh blueberries throughout, and is topped off with housemade blueberry butter and a signature blueberry syrup to boot.

It’s a fruity, flavorful medley that’s sure to start your day on a high note. But why does it work? Blueberries are known for being sweet—ready-made additions to just about any baked good since they’re so pleasant and familiar! When paired with a bit of lemon, they help to balance out the citrusy tang and lay the foundation for a full-flavored, exciting mealtime experience.

Florentine Biscuit Love

The latest of our Seasonal Valley biscuits, the Florentine Biscuit Love is one you’ll enjoy! Its name hails from its inspiration, the classic breakfast dish Eggs Florentine. From this dish, our Florentine Biscuit Love takes its sautéed spinach, which pairs well with egg whites and a turkey sausage patty for a protein-packed start to your day. We complete the dish with roasted red peppers and, in lieu of Hollandaise, a sweet treat in the form of our Housemade Peach Pepper Mayo drizzled on top.

It’s a satisfying pick for any brunch—one that oscillates between sweet and savory and every flavor in between—and its hearty, healthy ingredients are sure to appease the appetite.

(Pro tip: For a fun treat, you can even pair your biscuit with a light, bubbly Peach Bellini or Peach Tea to relish and really bring out the peach in your drizzle!)

Shrimp Salad Sandwich

Coming in for lunch? As we enjoy these last weeks of summer, you can’t go wrong with this cool, flavorful sandwich. Savor tender shrimp in a fresh herb aioli, mixed together with celery, red peppers and green onions for added bits of flavor and crunch. Capped off with toast and crispy fries or chips for a light, classic pairing, this is the quintessential sendoff to summer—a delicious way to dig into your favorite seafood flavors with ease.

Each of these fresh new dishes offers a bit of seasonal bliss in every bite… so be sure to try them all, soon, and let us know which is your favorite!

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