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Happy Housewarming! 10 Must-Have Kitchen Staples

Fri, Sep 07, 2018 at 1:05PM

Happy Housewarming! 10 Must-Have Kitchen Staples

Wondering what to get a friend or family member who’s just moved into a new place? What about food?

In our book, a warm kitchen and the smell of fresh-baked goods and delicious dinners is what turns a “house” into a “home.” Not only does food have that transformative quality, but it makes for a practical gift, too—somewhere after those first few days in a new place, they’ll have to switch from takeout to eating in, after all!

Food-inspired housewarming presents make for beautiful gestures. Take a look below as we share ten of our top picks for this meaningful gift—including some must-haves that no pantry should be without.


There’s a reason why wine continues to dominate as a top-choice housewarming gift! While we love the wine, what we really get out of this gift is a gesture of good will—a tangible way to say, “here you go—here’s to plenty of entertaining and nights with friends ahead!”

That’s a positive message we could all use in our homes! So, to help add a sense of comfort and cheer to your friend or family member’s new space, wine is a can’t-miss option.

Olive oil

This culinary gem deserves a space in every pantry, especially those who have just moved in and may be cooking their own “real” meals for the first time! Olive oil, the healthful, ever-versatile Mediterranean export, lays the foundation for many dishes, including lots of simpler ones: stir-fries, salads, breads and delicious, comfort food pastas like spaghetti aglio e olio, or spaghetti with garlic and oil. The right oil is worth the splurge—and by covering this first bottle, you’ll be setting your friend or family member on a road of delicious culinary endeavors to come.

Fully-stocked spice rack

Why is it so easy for us to forget this fundamental backbone of the kitchen? You might have even forgot to stock up on spices when you first moved out on your own. It happens to the best of us, which is why a fully-stocked spice rack (one that can be easily accessed and refilled as needed) makes for such a great gift. A sleek spice rack—perhaps one that rotates, or fits tidily in a kitchen cupboard—is a stylish option, too, providing that extra something that takes a new kitchen to the next level.


Pasta makes for some seriously great meals—especially for those relatively new to cooking on their own, since its preparation is easy to perfect. Help your loved one take their pasta endeavors to the next level by bestowing them with a gift of pasta… but not just any pasta! Fresh, deluxe pasta, or one that comes in unique shapes beyond the standard spaghetti, will delight even the beginner at-home chef. You can also package your gift in a stylish casing—perhaps a tall glass container—that will double up as a decorative flourish for your loved one’s new kitchen.


Tortillas may seem simple, but that is exactly what makes them such a prime housewarming gift. There are plenty of ways to “dress up” this gift (opt for a tortilla maker, or simply gourmet shells), but no matter how you do it, you can’t miss. Tortilla shells will prove especially helpful when it comes to preserving leftovers—just toss veggies and protein into your shell and you’ve got a delicious wrap to go! No at-home chef should be without this convenient (and delicious) staple.


Honey is one of those ingredients that, when stored well, can last almost indefinitely! A gourmet jar of honey is a great way to add a sweet (and deluxe) touch to your pal’s brand-new pantry.

Sweet staples

Another sweet staple worth gifting is a baking gift set—a basket or bin filled with brown sugar, cinnamon, pumpkin pie seasonings and other standards that breathe warmth and cheer into the kitchen, year after year.

Wood platter

While not technically a food item, a simple, sophisticated wood platter is a great addition to any kitchen! It makes sense for new movers especially, since they will be able to throw together dinner parties, impromptu wine-and-cheese nights and other gatherings with ease, with no worrying about the dishes they have (or don’t have) to serve food on.

The “stash”

Over time, it seems that every kitchen develops a “stash” of sorts: a drawer filled with menus, take-out numbers and other crucial information for those busy times where cooking is not on the menu. If your friend or family member is new to the area as a whole, you can assemble such a stash for them—a place where you compile your own top picks for local delivery, takeout and dining out spots. It’s a meaningful gesture they are sure to appreciate. You can even add a Peach Valley gift card as a special token—a chance for them to get out and enjoy a wholesome breakfast among the hustle and bustle of moving in!

Dine-in goodness (a la Peach Valley)

Don’t forget about ingredients that help create the dining-out ambiance, at home! These days, it is easy to find mixes, or even online recipes, for many of your favorite restaurant goodies.

If your loved one is a Peach Valley fan (or simply someone who loves a fusion of flavors), why not gift them with our signature Peach Valley Café Onion & Peach Pepper Sauce? Easy to pick up on your next outing with us, this sauce is sure to add a spirited kick to any meal enjoyed at home. More than that, though, it’s an inviting “welcome to the neighborhood” for your loved one who’s new to the area—and the promise of many delicious meals ahead!

Few things say “happy housewarming!” quite like these goodies. Who knows? They might just start a ripple effect of many dinner parties, family brunches and impromptu get-togethers over drinks and dessert for years to come…

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