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Happy National Blueberry Pancake Day!

Fri, Jan 24, 2020 at 2:11PM

Happy National Blueberry Pancake Day!

Hankering for a sweet celebration? National Blueberry Pancake Day on January 28th has you covered! Just read on as we explore the delicious details behind our love for Blueberry Pancakes—and how to enjoy a stack here at Peach Valley Café.

Why we love Blueberry Pancakes

Blueberries are delicious, and pancakes among our favorite breakfast staples—but when they come together, they’re even better! What makes this dynamic duo so hard to resist?

We think it might have something to do with the complementary flavors and textures at play. On their own, blueberries are sweet with a subtle tartness. They’re effortlessly enjoyable berry by berry, but when mixed into the mild, melt-in-your-mouth goodness of our Peach Valley pancake batter, they take on an entirely new personality.

Blueberries and pancakes also make for an excellent texture medley. Blueberries are bright and juicy, pancakes light and fluffy. When brought together, they provide one of our very favorite ways to indulge in the berries’ fruity goodness.

The end result? A well-rounded breakfast experience that delivers something truly special, bite after bite. It’s not so surprising that they set aside a whole day for savoring this sweet combination!

Why blueberries are berry good for you

Another big reason to love Blueberry Pancakes? They’re berry good for you, too!

Long before we even had a word for “superfood,” blueberries were busy defining what a truly powerful piece of produce looked like. Blueberries’ many phytochemicals—natural, plant-derived compounds—help reduce inflammation, while their antioxidants help promote a healthy, happy heart and circulation. Plus, ample fiber keeps your digestive system feeling its best!

How to celebrate National Blueberry Pancake Day

On National Blueberry Pancake Day, there’s no better way to celebrate than with a stack of our famous Blueberry Pancakes. One of blueberries’ best flavor pairings is the sweet peach, so you can’t go wrong pairing your Blueberry Pancakes with a bubbly Peach Bellini! Invite a friend and “cheers” to a truly delicious day. Or, get a double dose of blueberry goodness and pair your meal with a Seasonal Fruit Bowl that features blueberries alongside honeydew, cantaloupe, red seedless grapes, strawberries and bananas. (Still can’t get enough blueberry goodness? We don’t blame you! Cap off your meal with a griddled Blueberry Muffin for a sweet, textured treat you’re sure to love.)

On National Blueberry Pancake Day and all year long, Peach Valley is serving up sweet, fluffy Blueberry Pancakes, fresh fruit and all your other favorites. Swing by and savor something delicious!

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