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How to Commemorate International Waffle Day with Peach Valley

Mon, Mar 15, 2021 at 5:48PM

How to Commemorate International Waffle Day with Peach Valley

Waffles are a traditional staple of every breakfast spread, and sometimes, even supper! However, most people do not know where waffles originated or how they came to grace so many breakfast menus and dining tables. At Peach Valley Café, we consider ourselves waffle connoisseurs, which is why we are your local experts on celebrating this beautiful holiday! Read on to learn more about the beautiful history of waffles and how you can best commemorate the occasion at home or with us.

A History of Waffles

Before we begin our celebration, let’s start by first understanding how waffles came to be. Waffles originated in Sweden as soon as the early 1600s before quickly spreading to nearby lands. Their recognizable grid pattern was an intentional design element to hold jams and fruits, which is what they were originally eaten with. As time went on, a wider variety of waffles emerged. Most notably, more sugar and butter were added to recipes, allowing for a crispier crust and gooier filling. This waffle revolution is what gave way to the thicker and deeper-gridded Belgian waffle that we all know and love!

Incidentally, International Waffle Day is the result of a mispronunciation that merged two separate holidays. Waffle Day in Sweden is known as Våffeldagen, which bears a remarkably similar pronunciation as Vårfrudagen – or Our Lady Day, a holiday celebrating the Virgin Mary’s conception on March 25th. Due to the lingual connection, Swedish families customarily celebrate the latter with waffles and that is how we got International Waffle Day!

Waffle Favorites and Staples

Now that we know a little more about exactly why we are celebrating waffles on March 25th – as if we really needed any more of a reason – now is the time to figure out how to commemorate this delicious day! Whether you like your waffles for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or if you prefer smothering them in butter, syrup, or even fried chicken, this is the day to treat yourself to waffles in your favorite form.

Celebrate at Home with your Own Creations…

Waffles offer endless possibilities to those cooking them up at home, only limited by your own imagination. Traditional waffles can be easily jazzed up with a fresh note of your favorite berries, whether they be blueberries, strawberries, or other fruit like bananas! Furthermore, consider altering the very foundation of your waffle recipe to create an entirely new experience, such as savory mashed potato waffles or crumbly cornbread waffles – perfect with homemade chili!

…or Visit Peach Valley for your Favorites!

If you would rather relax on your International Waffle Day and let someone else do the work for you, we have got you covered at your local Peach Valley Café! Our extensive breakfast and brunch menu includes both Belgian waffles and the Southern staple, chicken and waffles. We understand better than anyone that a waffle is best enjoyed when cooked to a golden-brown crisp, covered with powdered sugar, and drizzled with warm syrup that just makes your soul happy. Dine in with peach Valley this International Waffle Day and make it your new holiday tradition!

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