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How to Enjoy Even Better Bread

Thu, Jun 20, 2019 at 10:40AM

How to Enjoy Even Better Bread

Flour. Water. Salt. The building blocks of bread seem pretty simple—but each slice is so much more than a place to put meat, cheese or your favorite spreads! If you’re serious about enjoying even better bread with your next meal, we’ve got you covered. Just read on to learn more.  

Find the perfect slice for your sandwich

Wondering how to enjoy the perfect sandwich or toast at home? Start with some inspiration! At Peach Valley, we use a variety of different bread options because we know that every great sandwich begins with a perfectly selected slice. For example…

  • Sourdough, like its name might suggest, is known for having a distinct touch of sourness—a good sort of sour, of course, one that creates a flavorful fusion when it’s paired with a bold, tender filler like the roast beef on our U Pick 2 Roast Beef on Sourdough Sandwich.
  • Rye, a deli staple, is the must-have bread for certain classic sandwiches like the Rueben. It also has subtle sour notes, but stands out from sourdough in its earthy, wholesome flavor, which really lets acidic ingredients like sauerkraut shine.
  • Multigrain wheat is another bread with a down-to-earth flavor, and it really stands out thanks to its texture, a sturdy foundation that can support even the thickest toppings, such as the chunky avocado, black bean and EVOO spread and vine-ripe tomatoes on our Protein Packed Avocado Toast.
  • Texas Toast also lends itself to sandwiches with lots to support, and is especially popular with Southwest-style meals, like our Slow Smoked Pulled Pork on the U Pick 2 Menu. It also works great as a foundation for our French Toast, because its thick shape helps emphasize the rich, decadent flavor of the dish.

Make your own

At home, making your own bread is a great way to add a delicious aroma to your space—and to get more out of your kitchen leftovers! Banana bread, for example, is one beloved way to put overripe bananas to good use.

Keep it simple

When you have the right kind of bread, you don’t need too much else to help your flavors really sing. A delicious baguette, for example, pairs perfectly with an olive oil-seasoning blend for a fresh appetizer you can prep in seconds.

Keep your bread fresh…

No one wants stale bread when they’re craving a sandwich! At home, a great way to keep your bread fresher, longer, is to store it in a bread box until you are ready to enjoy.

… or don’t!

Sometimes, letting the bread stiffen up a bit is the best course of action—if you’re making French toast, of course! Set aside some slices to enjoy on the weekend. The French were onto something when they called this dish “pain perdu,” or lost bread. They used it as a way to enjoy stale bread, and realized along the way that bread with a little less moisture (due to the drying process of time) would hold its shape better in the pan when eggs and milk are added.

Whether it’s a starter, side or a structural component of your favorite sandwich, bread can make our meals even better! Enjoy the wide variety of options at home and on your next meal out at Peach Valley.

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