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How to Perfect the Back-to-School Sandwich

Tue, Aug 20, 2019 at 12:03PM

How to Perfect the Back-to-School Sandwich

Every school day calls for some serious lunchtime fuel—and for millions across the country, that fuel comes in the form of a delicious sandwich.

Of course, there’s an art to crafting the perfect sandwich. And whether you’re a parent prepping you child’s lunch, or simply someone craving a hearty pick-me-up, you deserve the best! Read on as we share a few of our top tips for the ultimate dish.

Pick the best bread for the job

The quintessential brown-bag sandwich starts with the right bread—and it’s not always traditional white bread from a bag! Croissants add a light, playful element to any meal, for example, as they provide flaky texture without overpowering the ingredients inside. Just look to our Club Croissant for inspiration! Balance will bring out the best in your sandwich, so if you have a cool, creamy filling (think egg or chicken salad), it will work well on a heavy-duty bread—we use toasted wheat to add a hearty crunch to every bite of our Chicken Salad Sandwich. Or opt for a wrap! We love them here at Peach Valley since they allow you to showcase fresh, colorful flavors in a light package.

Fresh bread is always fun to work with, too, so pick some up on the weekend and enjoy it as a lunchtime go-to. (Don’t worry about it getting stale—even when the bread isn’t soft enough to work on a sandwich, it will make for an excellent French toast!)

Go unexpected

Feel free to experiment with your sandwich! Whether you’re packing one for yourself or your child, you can add the element of surprise by providing fun mix-ins like potato chips for extra crunch or a sunny-side-up egg, like in our Valley Fiesta. The sandwich may be a staple this time of year, but there’s no reason you have to prepare yours the same way every day.  

Slice right

Once your sandwich is complete, take it one step further and slice it diagonally for an easy-to-enjoy treat.

As a bonus tip, it can actually be helpful to slice your veggies and mix-ins, too, so that they can be distributed more evenly throughout the sandwich!

Sandwich storage is everything

We call small plastic bags “sandwich bags” for a reason, as they do a great job of containing our sandwich and all its mix-ins! But for especially gooey or loaded sandwiches, it can be helpful to pick up sandwich-sized reusable containers, as these can’t get squished in your bag and help to maintain the structural integrity of your sandwich.

Enjoy effortless flavor

Of course, there’s no easier way to enjoy the perfect sandwich then by coming down to Peach Valley! We’ve got all your favorites like Chicken Salad, Club Croissant and much more. We’ll take care of the prep so you can kick back, relax and enjoy your lunchtime—just be sure to pick up a sandwich to-go, too, to surprise your child on the way home from school!

Whether you’re prepping a sandwich at home, or enjoying a go-to here at Peach Valley, we hope that these delicious dishes fuel the adventure ahead.

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