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How to Throw a Peach Valley Pool Party

Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 5:59PM

How to Throw a Peach Valley Pool Party

The long, sunny dog days of summer call for some splashing fun with friends and family. It’s time to plan the perfect pool party—and Peach Valley can help!

Read on as we share a few fun (and delicious) solutions for planning a truly cool event, from the floats to the food and everything in between.

Make it a brunch party

When you think “pool party,” your mind might jump to barbecue fare: hot dogs, burgers and other summer staples. But why not mix things up and host a brunch pool party? It’s an easy way to combine our favorite summer activities—brunch with friends and time by the pool—and by placing the pool fun toward the beginning of the day, you have even more time together to enjoy.

So—how do you do it? Every brunch begins with delicious dishes, and Peach Valley can help with that. We recommend go-tos such as…

  • Fruit (such as cantaloupe, red seedless grapes and honeydew), perfect for serving up salad-style for a sweet, refreshing poolside treat
  • Pancakes, because pool plus pancakes is an irresistibly fun and playful combo
  • Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters for a delicious brunch-time dessert

(Wondering if you can swim after digging in? Of course! According to Duke Health, the old rule about waiting to swim after a meal is just a myth. So dig in and splash around, stress-free!)

Enjoy DIY treats, too

In addition to serving up classic Peach Valley dishes, you can make some of your own DIY treats, too! Easy options include homemade popsicles (just freeze your favorite fruit juice for a sweet summer treat), or flip-flop cookies. Simply add icing “straps” to shoe-shaped peanut butter sandwich cookies and you’re good to go.

Float with food

Extend the fun food theme to your pool, too, where you can float around on inflatable doughnuts, pretzels, popsicles, pizza slices, and just about anything else you may be craving!

Create comfy seating options

To create a laidback space around your pool, opt for comfy, casual seating options that let people munch, dip their toes in or simply kick back with ease. You can use outdoor ottomans or cushions placed around the water’s edge, or tie a hammock between two trees for effortlessly breezy relaxation.

Safety first

No pool party is complete without some basic safety measures, especially if you’re inviting younger children for the fun. Someone should always be watching the pool, and supervising the space and guests even if the party moves indoors (using a pool fence can help with this, too!). For their efforts, save an extra helping of fritters for the person serving this important role!

We hope that these tips help you beat the heat in fun, splashing style.

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