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Introducing Sangria: The Sweet Spanish Treat

Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 9:00AM

Introducing Sangria: The Sweet Spanish Treat

As Florida’s springtime weather is heating up, our menu is cooling way down. Here at Peach Valley Café, you can now indulge in the sweet, simple pleasure of a Sparkling Rosé Sangria with your meal.

It’s not just another sweet treat, though—our sangria is steeped in a culture and story that’s as one-of-a-kind as the drink itself.

Want to learn more before you take that first refreshing sip? Just keep reading!

A timeless treat

While sangria is certainly a popular feature at many a garden party or get together with friends, it’s not just a trend—this is a truly timeless treat. The pairing of wine and fruit has been enjoyed at least since the 18th century, when the word “sangria” (from Spanish sangre, or blood) was first used to describe the vivid red color of the beverage.

The rosé used in our sangria, however, goes back even further—in fact, some think it was the first kind of wine ever consumed! Its lighter color and flavor comes from the method with which it is prepared: unlike red wine, rosé is often made with a “skin contact” method that makes use of grape skins but doesn’t keep them in the wine throughout the fermentation process.

Striking the perfect balance

When it comes to blending together the fruits and beverage itself, the choice of a sparkling rosé (as opposed to a heavier red wine) makes Peach Valley’s Sparkling Rosé Sangria light and especially easy to enjoy—whether you want to complement your meal, or simply cool down on a hot day. In addition to the sparkling wine, we blend in fresh grapes and strawberries for a fruity flavor profile you’re sure to love.

A fun at-home idea

One of the great things about sangria is that there’s no one-and-only, tried and true formula—the basic components are up to you, and the delicious fruity flavor is easy to concoct right from your kitchen. When you’re not dining in, why not create a frozen sangria treat for poolside parties and family get-togethers? Simply blending together your ingredients of choice (in lieu of letting them sit together in a pitcher), then serving into glasses, is an easy way to double the cooling factor of this famously fruity drink.

The perfect complement to a sunny Florida day, sangria is a classic refreshment you’re sure to love—now, try ours out for yourself! With a careful selection of fruits and just the right balance of bubbly, sparkling wine, our Sparkling Rosé Sangria has got everything you need to make your next meal out even more memorable.








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