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It’s Time for Tacos! Celebrate A Peach Valley Favorite

Sun, Sep 27, 2020 at 8:27PM

It’s Time for Tacos! Celebrate A Peach Valley Favorite

National Taco Day is Oct. 4! Not that we needed a reason to dig into one of our favorite dishes, of course. Read on to see a few big reasons why we love and celebrate tacos today and all year long.

Tacos put a fun twist on everyday dining

What is it about tacos that make everything from birthday parties to weekly family dinners more fun? After all, not many foods have the honor of an entire day of the week to their name, a la Taco Tuesday! Perhaps it’s because tacos remind us of travel, or inspire a spirit of revelry (after all, nothing pairs better with tacos than good friends and a delicious beverage or two). Or maybe because it’s a delicious dish that doesn’t require too much effort to make and enjoy!

They’re perfect for sharing… or not

Whether you’re serving a crowd or one VIP—you! –tacos are easy to assemble and share as needed.

A blank canvas for flavor

One of the reasons tacos have such universal appeal is that they can be enjoyed in endless ways. Taco lovers can choose from chicken, steak, pork, beef, seafood or even vegan options; they can be customized to be crunchy or soft, spicy or a little less so; they can even be vessels for unexpected flavors like leftovers or pasta! We’ve truly seen it all.

We have tacos to thank for food truck fun

Another reason we love tacos? We have them to thank for the rise of one of our favorite culinary traditions, the food truck! When there’s a food truck (or several) involved, you know an event or everyday outing is going to be even better. Taco trucks were among the earlier offerings for this type of dining, which has since spread to sandwiches, desserts, smoothies and snacks of all sorts.

Our favorite way to dig in

Here at Peach Valley, our Blackened Fish Tacos deliver serious, savory flavor in the form of blackened Fresh Catch of the Day, southwest coleslaw, pico de gallo, chipotle mayo and a black bean-corn salsa. You can order a few plates for the table, or bring your tacos to the beach, park or your own backyard for a delicious meal al fresco! On National Taco Day and all year long, it’s our favorite way to dig in.

When taco cravings call, Peach Valley has the answer! Dine in or bring home this delicious dish and many more.

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