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Kids’ Tips for a Happy, Healthy Fall

Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 12:30AM

Kids’ Tips for a Happy, Healthy Fall

We’re always looking for ways to help our children lead happier, healthier lives—and a large part of that starts close to home! Fortunately, small changes can add up to big improvements. In today’s blog, we’re looking at seven health-minded tips to follow this fall.

Take time for family meals

Healthy meals are always worth the effort—but having them with family by your side is doubly beneficial, since it can promote confidence, concentration and much more. These are important facets of mental health, and can help both you and your child take on the day (or finish it up) with ease.

Enjoy healthy snacks

As you plan out nutritious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner, don’t forget about the snacks and small meals in between! When your child is at school, they can use healthy, nutrient-packed snacks to power them through classes and extracurricular activities. No matter your child’s age, picks like apples, trail mixes with nuts and fruits, or tasty granola bars are options filled with both taste and nutrition.

Savor plenty of sleep

Kids often stay up late—whether they’re busy playing games, talking with friends or working on projects for school. However, if their late nights are cutting into their sleep schedule, encourage them to power down close to bed and get plenty of sleep on a regular basis. It can make their morning (and the rest of the day!) a lot easier, and they’re likely to see better performance at school as a result.

Get active

You know the importance of physical activity for your child—but you may not know just how easy and fun it can be to achieve. Encourage them to pursue sports and activities at school, or do them together by playing in the park or taking fun fitness classes together. Even simple hikes through your favorite Florida parks can provide plenty of physical and mental benefits! No matter how they do it, they will be sure to benefit from the increased activity.

Don’t forget to take breaks

School can be stressful—so don’t let your child forget the power of a good break. Encourage them to take time off once in a while, both from specific tasks like homework or projects as well as longer-term routines. Even small “time-outs” can help your child regain focus and boost their creativity.

Keep your immune system running smoothly

The back-to-school season is infamous for back-to-school bugs, colds and other minor (but still dreaded) sicknesses. To combat this, always show your child the importance of thorough handwashing and basic hygiene—but also help them to incorporate immune-boosting, vitamin C-packed foods into their diet! Oranges, grapefruit, and leafy greens are all great choices that can be easily added to any meal.

Try new things

One of the healthiest habits you can promote this fall is the habit of trying new things! Your child can often benefit when they try new, healthy meals or pursue new hobbies at school that foster increased activity.

We hope that today’s blog helps you and your child enjoy a fall (and, of course, the seasons to follow) filled with fun, laughs and healthy habits at every step. We’re here to help you make the most of your new routine with delicious, healthful meals that are sure to please.

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