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Math 101 with Peach Valley Café

Sun, Sep 27, 2020 at 8:29PM

Math 101 with Peach Valley Café

Back-to-school season marks a return to math assignments for students—and, often, for their parents, too, who will be dutifully helping solve for x at the kitchen table! Give the whole family a delicious break and learn some math along the way. Read on to learn how.

Flavorful factorials…

Every student will likely stumble upon factorials at some part of their math education. This number is defined as the product of a positive integer and all the positive integers below it, and is written like this: 4! In this case, the factorial of four is 4 x 3 x 2 x 1 = 24.

This number may not seem extremely useful at first—but it does play an important role in some seriously flavorful math, which can be used to help students who are struggling with numbers alone. For example, say you wanted to calculate the total number of possible combinations on our Peachy U Pick 2 Menu! Sure, you could spend several minutes tallying up all the possible pairings (Mediterranean Salad with Tomato Florentine, for example, Griddled Ham & Brie with Caesar Salad, and so on, and so on…) but that takes away valuable time from digging right in! Students can use this easy equation to figure out the total number of combinations with repetition—in other words, cases where two of the same item (like two Classic French Dips when you’re craving a hearty lunch!) can be considered a possible combination, where n = the number of items and r = the amount allowed in a combo set:

(n + r – 1)! / r!(n – 1)!

Because there are ten delicious dishes on our U Pick 2 Menu, and you can enjoy two of those dishes for one sweet price, the equation will look something like this:

(10 + 2 – 1)! / 2!(10 – 1)!

11! / 2!(9)!

39916800 / 725760 = 55

That means there are 55 total combinations you can enjoy on our U Pick 2 Menu! That’s nearly two months’ worth of exciting pairings you can put together before starting back at square one. Talk about some flavorful factorials!

… and fractions, too

Another delicious lesson can be taught with the help of our Peach Valley Pancakes! From classic Buttermilk to Chocolate Chip and every flavor in between, these circular stacks can be used to illustrate fractions for younger kids. Cut your stack in half, quarters or thirds to show how fractions work in a way that numbers alone can’t always convey!

Add, subtract and savor

You remember all those old math problems: Lisa has 10 pizzas and Tommy takes away three. How many pizzas remain?

While these familiar addition and subtraction problems do the job, there’s nothing like the process of hands-on learning—especially when delicious flavors are involved. Illustrate addition and subtraction with easily countable Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters or any of our sweet, fresh fruit sides!

We hope that these ideas help you enjoy a tasty break from times tables, algebra and beyond! No matter what the math at hand may be, quality family time can help you or your child fuel up for even more successful problem-solving. Swing by or order online today.

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