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Milk and Cookie Cravings? We’ve Got You Covered

Sun, Jul 15, 2018 at 9:50AM

Milk and Cookie Cravings? We’ve Got You Covered

In search of that perfectly cool, refreshing complement to your summertime adventures? Look no further than a childhood classic… a cold glass of milk!

As it turns out, this seemingly simple treat plays nicely against a variety of classic dishes, helping to bring out their flavor and cool you down all at once.

(And, of course, it’s good for you, too—Mom was right when she said milk helped build strong bones, keeping you healthy this summer and all year long.)

Read on as we share a few of our favorite milk-and-meal pairings to enjoy.

Milk and cookies

Celebrating Christmas in July? While milk and cookies may be a favorite of Santa Claus, they’re a sweet treat worth enjoying all year round. Here at Peach Valley, you can do just that. Swap traditional cookies for our warm, rich Chocolate Chip Pancakes. Paired with a glass of whole milk, it’s an easy way to rediscover the simple, old-fashioned pleasure of milk and cookies at any time of the year.

And of course, if you’ve got an extra sweet tooth, you can always wash down your pancakes with chocolate milk! The extra bit of flavor is a delicious way to indulge in your next Sunday brunch.

Oatmeal and milk

A favorite of families on busy mornings and brunches alike? Oatmeal! It’s a simple dish that offers just what you need to start your day: whole grain oats whose slow-burning carbs keep releasing energy long after you leave the breakfast table.

You can enjoy a glass of milk with your oatmeal for a classic start to your day—or, here at Peach Valley, enjoy our classic take on the dish, which can be ordered with milk, raisins, and brown sugar mixed right in. The result is a thick, wholesome treat, one with a hint of creamy goodness that’s sure to satisfy. Plus, you get to enjoy that added bit of protein and calcium with your morning oats—a pretty fantastic combination, in our book!

Milk with spicy foods

While you may be used to enjoying milk with your cookies or oatmeal, this last idea might come as a bit of a surprise—one that we think is just as worth enjoying!

As it turns out, milk can be a surprising complement to spicy foods, too. Its casein compound counteracts the spicy capsaicin oil in chilies, for example, letting you enjoy the pepper’s flavor without it being overpowered by heat.

If you’re sensitive to spicy foods, even traditionally “tamer” dishes like wings can be cooled down with a glass of milk. When you take a sip, you’re not just enjoying the cold milk itself but its thick, smooth texture, too. It feels especially great after you’ve just eaten something hot, making the subsequent milk mustache worth it in the end.

On a hot summer’s day, nothing beats washing down your meal with a cold glass of milk. Which of these pairings piques your appetite? Let us know and enjoy it here at Peach Valley soon!

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