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National Sandwich Month: We Celebrate It All Year Long at Peach Valley Café

Tue, Aug 17, 2021 at 3:15PM

National Sandwich Month: We Celebrate It All Year Long at Peach Valley Café

Who doesn’t love a delicious sandwich? This simple, tasty lunchtime – or any time – meal staple gives us so many options and flavor experiences to enjoy. Right here at Peach Valley Café, our sandwich selection will also keep you covered for any occasion – like your best brunch yet! Celebrate National Sandwich Month with a few ideas to chew on about the incredible sandwich.

How It All Stacks Up

Each year in August, we celebrate National Sandwich Month. Taking a full month for the occasion only seems right – especially for such a versatile dish, which works for everything from the best breakfast (breakfast sandwiches with sausage, egg, and cheese or inside a flaky croissant), to lunch (BLTs, chicken salad, or more), to dinner (a tasty burger), or even desert (ice cream sandwiches, anyone?). Cover your bases by trying all different sorts of sandwiches, from savory to sweet.

But what makes the sandwich format so beloved? If the adaptability to any taste didn’t already give you a first clue, you might also consider the following: it’s a simple, easy handheld, can be down-to-earth or high-class and sophisticated, and even can be a little nostalgic. After all, who doesn’t remember packing a sandwich in your school lunch?

To cover the vast array of sandwich options, there’s several other holidays to which you can look forward – like National Cuban Sandwich Day coming up on August 23rd, or even just National Sandwich Day arriving on November 3rd.

A Little Sandwich History

Wondering where the sandwich got its name and fame? Many stories trace back the popularity of the sandwich to John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich in 1762. Montagu, who loved cards and gambling, sought a meal perfect for eating while playing cards – without having to use a fork or get the cards messy. A chef placed meat between slices of bread – and the rest is history. But the roots of sandwich history likely exist before Montagu – for example, different experts note Mediterranean cuisine and foods from the Netherlands taking a similar format first.

How to Celebrate

While you’re thinking about all the amazing variants of the sandwich found worldwide, why not try something new to celebrate National Sandwich Month? Whether you’re putting together a creative and quick lunch at home or instead are headed to your nearest Peach Valley Café location (like our restaurant in Gainesville Florida) for brunch, the answer is clear. Try a tasty handheld like our Club Croissant – including sliced sugar-cured ham, oven roasted turkey breast, hardwood smoked bacon, Swiss and American cheeses, vine-ripe tomato, iceberg lettuce and mayonnaise. Or, try a delicious Griddled Ham & Brie Sandwich – packed with ham, brie cheese, and honey mustard on griddled sourdough bread. Whatever sandwich option you’re sinking your teeth into at Peach Valley Café – your favorite lunch or breakfast restaurant – you’re guaranteed to enjoy a fresh, amazing meal.

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