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Peach Valley’s 5 Tips for Great Griddling

Fri, May 10, 2019 at 10:15AM

Peach Valley’s 5 Tips for Great Griddling

For even cooking and a golden-crisp crust, the griddle can’t be beat. Wondering how to use this versatile kitchen tool for summer fun, food and impromptu get-togethers? Just take a look below as we share our top five tips.

Go social

One of the biggest benefits of cooking with a griddle? It lets you be more social as you whip up breakfast, lunch and other diner-style favorites! If you’re using an electric griddle, plug in facing your guests so that you can enjoy laughs and conversation as your food sizzles up. And of course, an outdoor griddle lends itself to breezy backyard brunches.

Griddles are also go-tos for social chefs because they let you put on a show of sorts—if you’re experienced in this arena, griddle cooking lets you show off your flipping skills with style! And because there’s more room for food, there is a wide variety of ways that helpers of all ages can contribute to the meal.

Watch water “dance” to know when your griddle is hot enough

Wondering if the griddle’s surface is warm enough to start cooking? After applying your oil or butter to de-stick the surface, add a drop of water. If it’s still, you know the griddle has to heat up a little more—if it instantly evaporates, you know the griddle is a little too hot. You know you’ve achieved the perfect temperature when the water “dances,” or sizzles a bit, signifying that conditions are just right for some serious crust action.

Use your griddle for more than cooking

Did you know that your electric griddle can be used for more than cooking food? After you’ve prepared your meal, you can set your griddle to a low temperature and use it to house food you want to keep warm—such as pancakes, bacon and eggs. Your food will stay fresh and delicious so that you can head back for seconds and enjoy your meal with ease, no rushing required.

Start griddle cleanup while it’s still warm

When you’re done with your griddle, while the surface is still warm, use the flat part of your spatula to clear away crumbs and food pieces. This will prevent them from sticking, making it easier to wipe down your griddle later on.

Find grid-spiration in delicious dishes

In addition to classic griddle dishes like pancakes and bacon, feel free to get creative! The griddle is a great way to try out new recipes, because its even heating and flip-friendly setup allow you to get creative without much mess. Searching for some inspiration? Come down to Peach Valley to enjoy exciting spins on traditional griddle fare—like, for example, a Peaches & Cream or Blueberry Muffin!

We hope that these tips help you griddle your way to good food (and equally delicious memories) in the months ahead.

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