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Peach Valley’s Guide to Even Better Brunch Snaps

Mon, Apr 22, 2019 at 11:55AM

Peach Valley’s Guide to Even Better Brunch Snaps

From colorful drinks to candid family moments, there’s a lot to love about weekend brunch—so who could blame you for trying to capture it all?

There’s no meal more photogenic than brunch, whose laid back vibe lends itself to ready-made snapshots you’ll treasure long after the meal is over. Wondering how to get the perfect shot? Read on as we share our top tips!

Work with natural light

Whether you’re snapping a photo of yourself or some delicious Chocolate Chip Pancakes, the same tip holds true—natural light is the best light! Fortunately, the brunch hours are oozing with it, so you can safely snap away knowing that your subject won’t be overexposed by flash or warped by too much artificial light. Play around with your angles so that your back’s to the sun (or the nearest window), letting the sun light up your meal instead of shooting against it.

Master the top-down shot

There are so many ways to go about snapping your meal—but this classic is a classic for a reason! The quintessential top-down shot is easy. Put your phone directly above the dish or spread you’re snapping, for a bird’s eye effect. You might choose to center your meal for a smooth, symmetrical look or include little details like the book you’ve been reading, the day’s newspaper or other odds and ends. (When brunching at home, this might translate to capturing the delicious “mess” that surrounds your finished meal—veggie trimmings, flour, sugar, you get the idea!)

Capture candid moments…

In addition to the food itself, be sure to take some candid shots of the whole crew. Unlike, say, a formal dinner, brunch is the sort of endless meal where everyone’s focused on relaxing, unwinding and enjoying the breezy spirit of the day—and as a result, it’s sure to produce many moments of laughter, silly faces and pure excitement over delicious treats like Apple Fritters or Housemade Peach Cobbler!

… and perfect poses, too

Of course, there’s always room for a perfectly posed shot, too! Toast to a delicious brunch with a pair of sweet drinks, like vibrant Peach Bellinis or classic bubbly Mimosas. A classic shot of the whole family, sitting down with their plates and ready to dig in, is another great option.

Enjoy your meal

We love taking delicious snaps of our food, but also like to live in the moment and really soak in time with family, friends and delicious flavors! Our tip for doing both? Balance it out! Once the food arrives, go ahead and proudly snap some photos of your mouthwatering dish, but take a break from social sites, email and texting so that you can fully connect with the laughs and conversation going on all around you. Some diners like to simply keep their phone tucked away as they eat—or, at least, until dessert arrives! Whichever way you like to brunch, finding that perfect balance between tech time and downtime is sure to help make your meal even better.

Equal parts foodie and photographer? We are, too, and our brunch is the perfect place to be to indulge both of your passions! Come put your skills to the test (and satisfy those cravings) on your next Peach Valley outing.

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