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Peach Valley’s Guide to Inspired Food Photos

Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 8:25AM

Peach Valley’s Guide to Inspired Food Photos

If your camera roll looks like a cookbook…

If you tell friends and family to “wait” before digging into their food, so you can grab a photo of the beautiful, mouthwatering spread…

If you put as much thought and care into the visual presentation of your homemade meals as you do the flavors and ingredients you use to craft them…

You might be a budding foodie photographer! Welcome to the club. Food photos let us capture the moment with a delicious snapshot, and preserve flavorful memories that might inspire our own culinary adventures.

Here at Peach Valley, we know the importance of a good food photo—and have put together a quick guide on how to take the perfect snap! Just read on to learn more.

Opt for natural lighting

We eat with our eyes before ever picking up a fork, knife or spoon—so it’s no surprise that capturing your food with the right light can make it even more appetizing! Natural light is best, so shoot your meal from the angle of the nearest window whenever possible. This will allow your food’s true colors to shine through, from light, creamy sauces to vibrant fruits and every color on the spectrum in between.

Highlight the delicious details

When it comes to food, the beauty is in the details—the griddle marks, decadent brown sugar crystals, crisp, crunchy lettuce leaves on a hearty burger. As you work to take photos of your perfect meal, try to emphasize the delicious details that tell the story! This can be done via framing—for example, shooting your burger or Superfood Breakfast from the side so that you can capture each vibrant layer, or opting for close-ups and a shallow depth of field so your food is in full, flavorful focus.

Get creative

There’s no one way to photograph your food. Shots from above are a great go-to, but feel free to mix things up, too! Sometimes, the best photos aren’t of the food itself but the art of eating it—so be sure to snap plenty of photos of friends and family around the table, too!

At home, you can even prep your meal with photos in mind. Assemble a rainbow of colorful fruit atop your smoothie bowl, or use a measuring cup to scoop your pasta onto the plate for a neat, perfect photo finish.

And of course, don’t be afraid to enlist the help of your fellow foodies for more dynamic shots. For example, a delicious point-of-view angle of you about to bite into a hearty Peach Valley sandwich can be achieved by having your “assistant” position the phone in front of your face, facing the food, so they can capture what you’re seeing in real time. After all, what are friends for?

We can’t wait to see your foodie photography in action! Share your photos with us on social media, and swing by to find inspiration in colorful, photo-worthy dishes, drinks and desserts.

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