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Peach Valley's Guide to Pumpkin Carving Fun

Thu, Oct 11, 2018 at 4:00PM

Peach Valley's Guide to Pumpkin Carving Fun

Craving pumpkin-carving fun with the family? We’ve got you covered.

This time of year is all about indulging in seasonal fun—and a big part of that fun, even down here in the Sunshine State, is carving pumpkins! Against the backdrop of clear skies and crisp, cooler air, you’re free to indulge your creative side… with a knife as your paintbrush, and a good-old pumpkin as your canvas.

There’s no simpler pleasure than carving pumpkins with family and friends—and today, we’ve got a few tips to help make your pumpkin carving fun even better. Take a look!

Pick the perfect patch…

You can’t carve pumpkins without, well, pumpkins! Instead of grabbing yours at the local store, make picking part of the experience. Yes, even Florida abounds with plenty of places to do this: pumpkin patches hosted by local communities, schools and churches where you can take your time picking a pumpkin to suit your style (and decorating skills, of course). Take some photos along the way, and see who can pick out the best pumpkin… as well as the most bizarre, smallest of the bunch, and other quirky superlatives.

Opt for whimsical designs

The classic Jack-o-Lantern—a toothy grin and mischievous eyes—makes for a great go-to design, and is the perfect place for beginners to get into the swing of pumpkin carving. But don’t feel the need to stop there. A few of the best designs we’ve seen over the years include…

- Animals (what better way to pay homage to your furry friend than turning him or her into a pumpkin cat or dog?)

- Ultra-minimalist designs. In a world filled with smart, clever and ever-improving carved designs, it takes guts (pumpkin guts, that is) to go for a look that is completely simple. Two dots for eyes and a simple smile—it’s unexpected and easy to do for beginner carvers, too!

- Pumpkin eating another pumpkin. Here’s where the small pumpkin you picked at the patch comes in! Carve an open-mouth, growling shape into a large pumpkin, then stick a smaller one inside the “mouth” to look like it’s being devoured.

- Classic landscapes. Whether it’s a scene from your favorite movie, a reimagined Van Gogh, or a simple vista pulled from nature—like, say, a pair of beautiful palm trees—you can’t go wrong!

Save your seeds!

Don’t be so quick to toss out your pumpkin seeds after carving—they can come in handy! Whether you roast them for a quick, handy snack, toss them into a salad or scatter them over a warm, creamy fall veggie soup, these pumpkin seeds (aka “pepitas” in Spanish) make for terrific complements to many great fall dishes. You’ll even find pumpkin seeds here at Peach Valley, as part of our Housemade Granola—a delicious dish that’s filled with exciting, different textures.

Make a party out of it

Pumpkin carving, in our book, is best enjoyed as a group activity—so why not make a party out of it?

Turn on your favorite Halloween tunes—your favorite monster movie soundtrack, or anything from “Thriller” to “Monster Mash”—and open the windows to let in some fresh, crisp fall air, if the weather’s nice.

Create a comfy space with a wide work area—one you don’t mind getting too messy, like the floor, a spacious table or even your backyard patio. Lay out newspapers to collect the pumpkin “guts” and have at it!

While you’re enjoying an afternoon of carving, your hands will be busy (and a little messy, too) so why not leave lunch to us? You can build your own platter of sandwiches—a go-to finger food—or indulge in the warm, creamy goodness of Chicken Pot Pie, which never disappoints on a cool fall day. Just call your nearest Peach Valley Café to learn about ordering catering for your carving party, and we’ll take it from there!

We hope that today’s guide helps you enjoy pumpkin-carving fun with your loved ones all fall long. When you’re done, be sure to share your glowing creations online—we can’t wait to see them: spooky, silly and everything in between.

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