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Pop or Soda? And Other Culinary Name Games

Fri, Mar 31, 2017 at 11:25AM

Pop or Soda? And Other Culinary Name Games

What do you call your favorite fizzy drink--pop, Coke, or soda? Or the fried potatoes served alongside your burger?

There's no limit to questions like these--because what you call the food you eat depends, in many cases, on where you grew up!

While calling your favorite food any other name may seem strange to you, it's probably the "correct" way somewhere else. In today's blog, we're taking a closer look at these regional differences in an effort to see how our environment shapes our culinary vocabulary.


While most in America can agree that fried potatoes--whether they're shoestrings, wedges, crinkle cut or specially seasoned--are called, well, "fries," these treats go by an entirely different name across the pond: chips. While that name may evoke images of the grocery store snack aisle here in the US, food aficionados on either side of the Atlantic can agree that the warm, crispy accompaniment to burgers and steaks is definitely a classic!


Another cultural divide separates American biscuits (warm, flaky, buttery) from ones in the UK, which are more like what we would call cookies. To be fair, both are delicious--but ordering one when you mean the other is sure to result in a bit of confusion!

Soda (or pop, or Coke)

Depending on your state or region, you might refer to your soft drink as a soda (if you're in spots like the Northeast), a pop (if you're a Midwesterner), or even a Coke--whether or not the drink is brand name or not--in much of the South.

Ice cream toppings

Most outside of Boston and the greater New England area call the candy pieces we sprinkle onto our ice cream, sprinkles--sounds simple! In these Northeast spots, however, you'd be more likely to hear those colorful pieces being referred to as "jimmies."


One of the most contested rivalries of the entire culinary name game concerns sandwiches--namely, the long sandwich stuffed to the brim with meat, veggies, cheese, and your favorite condiments.

What name came to mind as you read that description? "Sub" is a common name used throughout much of the country (and made even more popular by the famous sandwich chain of the same name!). But if you said "hoagie," you might be from Philadelphia or the surrounding area; "hero," on the other hand, is common usage for New Yorkers. What camp do you fall into?

You may never adopt any other region's name for your favorite food or drink--but that's okay! Getting to know the difference, however, can help you prevent potential mix-ups when planning a meal for friends from across the country (or across the globe!).

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