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President’s Day and Our Founding Fathers’ Favorite Foods

Mon, Jan 16, 2017 at 12:15PM

President’s Day and Our Founding Fathers’ Favorite Foods

The Founding Fathers made history for more reasons than one—they fought for our independence, shaped our country, and set forth ideals that we still live by today. And just like us, they each had a penchant for delicious food!

In honor of President’s Day this February, we’re taking a look at the dishes our Founding Fathers loved to eat.

As American as cherry pie… and George Washington

We’ve all heard the famous tale—about George Washington, our very first president, chopping down his father’s cherry tree as a child. It perhaps comes as no surprise that the president’s penchant for cherries carried on throughout his life—he’s often said to have enjoyed the all-American classic, cherry pie!

As our first president, George Washington’s tastes were closer to traditional English dishes than the presidents who followed him. One oddity lies in his supper habits—according to Washington’s adopted son (and his wife’s grandson), G.W.P. Custis, Washington savored quiet nights where he would go without supper and simply opt for a cup of tea and his nightly paper.

John Adams the Backyard Farmer

Patriot, diplomat, president… farmer? With a knack for farming passed down from his father, John Adams brought fruits and veggies to office with him. He was dedicated to growing produce for his family, and knew the value of those skills in the garden—in a diary entry, he even talked about plans for writing a book on gardening and husbandry, and listed items like “wheat, rye, corn… turnips, potatoes… hemlock, holly, apple trees…” and much more as plants he planned to write about!

Thomas Jefferson: Founding Francophile

Thomas Jefferson is sometimes called America’s first “foodie,” as he showed a passion for gourmet foods (especially those of the French variety) throughout his life. He wanted Virginia to become a wine center that would mirror the success of spots like Bordeaux in France. As a lover of fine foods, he was always sure to keep the White House stocked with favorites like hominy, potatoes, gherkins, tomatoes and more.

Did any item on our list surprise you? We hope that today’s blog has provided some insights into your favorite presidents’ White House menus of choice. For a meaningful treat, why not try these dishes yourself this President’s Day?

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