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Simplifying Back to School Season

Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 5:50AM

Simplifying Back to School Season

This back to school season, kids all over the country are readjusting to early morning classes and extracurricular schedules that fill up the afternoon—and as a parent, we know you’re feeling the pressure, too! In today’s blog, we will be looking at a few ways to simplify the school day routine and enjoy time with family along the way.

Cut down on morning chaos—but don’t cut out breakfast

One of the most stressful parts of the day is, of course, the morning. It’s when everyone rolls out of bed and hurries to prepare for the day—often finishing up last-minute assignments or looking for missing left shoes in the process!

While it might seem hard to cut out the chaos, it can be done—especially when everyone bands together! You can do this by having everyone set out important items like school bags, shoes, coats or umbrellas the night before. Keep them near the front door so that heading off to work and school is an easy, one-step process. Cut out distractions like phones and the TV while you’re at it, so that everyone can start the day with a clear head.

What you shouldn’t cut out is one of the most important parts of the morning—breakfast! A tasty, complete breakfast filled with protein and other great nutrients will get everyone started off on the right foot. And if you’re pressed for time, don’t worry—you can always stop by Peach Valley to enjoy coffee, juice and your favorite breakfast treats if you don’t have a chance to make them yourself. We’re happy to help make your morning rush, a little less rushed.

Set up a family school kit

While you’re at home, take a few minutes to set up a family school kit to streamline homework and projects. Use an old container to keep track of easily-lost items like spare erasers, extra paper, glue sticks, construction paper (even the scraps!) and more—they will be sure to come in handy the next time your child is searching the house for project supplies. Keep your kit in an easily-accessible location, like a hall closet or study room bookshelf, so that everyone knows where to go when they need that one specific item.

Simplify after-school activities

If you have several children involved in after-school activities like sports or clubs, you may be wondering how to juggle it all with ease. While there may not be a way to make your schedule exactly perfect, you can look for resources like after-school care or take advantage of carpools with friends to make it a little easier.

Enjoy end-of-week treats

Make the end of a week’s worth of hard work special! You can celebrate every week with a family lunch out or trip to a favorite local destination (like the beach, children’s museum, local theater, etc.).

We hope that these ideas help you balance out the busy back-and-forth of your weekday routine. These days may be hectic, but there are always plenty of ways to enjoy them!

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