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Slow Down for a Smoother, Sweeter Season

Mon, Oct 08, 2018 at 4:10PM

Slow Down for a Smoother, Sweeter Season

The perfect cure for annual fall-time frenzy? A sweet, slow pace that lets you soak it all in with ease!

So, get comfy, clear up your calendar and relax! Read on to see our top ten ways to slow down and unwind in the months ahead.

At home…

  1. Create a space that lets you unwind. Everyone wants to feel relaxed at home—so why not make your home (especially “downtime” spots like the family room, bedroom, etc.) a place that invites relaxation? Cover your sofa with comfy, overstuffed pillows and keep items like mail and to-do lists away from your relaxation zone.
  2. Play with pets. If you’ve got a four-legged friend at home, the fall is the perfect time to show them some extra TLC. Whether you curl up and watch a movie or head outdoors and enjoy the gorgeous fall weather, there’s no better way to slow down your pace than by reconnecting with your furry friend, especially when the whole family gets in on the fun.
  3. Create a festive fall playlist. What are your favorite songs for the fall—or just songs that simply promote a laidback feeling? Create a playlist that you can listen to on demand as you unwind around the house.

In the kitchen…

  1. Take your time on the stovetop. As you may have already learned through firsthand experience, “speedy” is not always the rule of the kitchen—especially when it comes to the stovetop. For softer, fluffier eggs and picture-perfect pancakes, a slower, low-heat approach often works wonders.
  2. Try out your slow cooker. Speaking of cooking—why not try out slow cooking this fall, if you haven’t already? This delicious method allows you to cook up hearty stews, roasts and sauces without a second thought—just mix in your ingredients and let the food heat up to tender, juicy perfection as the day rolls along.
  3. Indulge in sweet, slow-burning scents. Have extra fruits or spices on hand? Leftover apples and oranges, as well as a bevy of pantry spices and seasonings—from cinnamon to nutmeg and everything in between—can be cooked with a bit of water on “low,” for a natural aroma that takes its time as it permeates your home.

Out and about…

  1. Forget the schedule. Fall is filled with fun activities to enjoy, but we don’t need to rush through them all! As you find yourself out and about this season, consider setting the schedule aside in favor of a more spontaneous approach—take your time checking out local pumpkin patches, hay rides, art fairs and things you wouldn’t even expect to find on your travels! With plenty of attractions to enjoy (and time to enjoy them), you don’t need to worry about planning your travels to the “t.”
  2. Rethink your grocery trip. Trips to the grocery store can keep us busy—so why not rethink your routine? Opting for slower-paced trips to the farmers’ market (the kind that appears all over Florida as soon as the weather starts to cool…) will allow you to pick up produce essentials at an easygoing pace, all while enjoying the weather and getting to know the people and places your food comes from.
  3.  Go for a drive… or a hike, or even a bike ride! Fall was made for those long, lazy trips down gorgeous pathways and scenic routes. Getting around might take a little while longer, but it lets you gain a newfound appreciation for the crisp colors and gorgeous weather that surrounds you.

At breakfast, brunch and beyond…

  1. Let the conversation linger! When you don’t want to rush to cook up a meal at home, there’s one surefire way to slow it all down deliciously—enjoy a meal out! Whether you’re enjoying breakfast, brunch or a fun family lunch at Peach Valley, feel free to take your time and let the conversation linger. Why rush a great meal? You never know where those conversational tangents—made even sweeter over your favorite food—will lead you.

A slow, easygoing approach might just be the perfect way to enjoy all the meals, activities and get-togethers the season has to offer. We hope that it helps you get even more out of fall fun with family and friends!

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