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SoCal, So Delicious: Exploring the Golden State's Flavorful Side

Wed, Mar 06, 2019 at 4:40PM

SoCal, So Delicious: Exploring the Golden State's Flavorful Side

In Southern California, warm weather and the Pacific breeze pair perfectly with fresh, flavorful fusions—many of which have inspired menu trends across the country!

For a West Coast getaway, SoCal’s shores and lively culinary scene make for a delicious destination. Read on as we take a virtual tour of this sunny, savory hotspot—as well as a few of its most famous flavor exports. Take a look.

Get your surf on

California’s culture is all about enjoying those choice Pacific views—and one of the best ways to do that is, of course, to go surfing!

There’s a spot for every surf style and skill level, each of them a beautiful spot to carve in some serious surfing (and, of course, catch a gorgeous West Coast sunset). Zuma Beach in Malibu is noted for its great beginner-friendly surf environment and picturesque backdrop of rolling coastal hills—down farther south, San Diego’s Sunset Cliffs are a hidden gem for surfing or simply admiring the rugged, rocky shoreline.

Go island hopping

Another great way to enjoy those water views? Go island hopping! California’s Channel Islands offer a great adventure for boaters. Ranging from natural, out-of-the-way landscapes to resort-style digs, perhaps the most famous Channel Island is Santa Catalina, where you can go sailing, hike the hilly shoreline, and catch a show all in a single, sunny day.

Explore the SoCal culinary scene

SoCal may be home to some beautiful vistas—but for foodie travelers, the most famous attraction has to be the culinary scene!

Southern California is all about fresh, local flavors. Because of its proximity to fertile landscapes and a Mediterranean-esque climate, the region is able to benefit from delicious produce year-round, much like we do in the Sunshine State. You can’t go wrong checking out a local farmer’s market or u-pick farm during your trip here.

To pair with fresh produce, Southern California also boasts a delicious seafood scene—making it the perfect place to dig into some fish tacos or a dish that capitalizes on culinary fusion, another trend that’s fostered by SoCal’s location. With flavors carried both north from Mexico, and east from Asia and the Pacific Islands, there’s no limit to the combinations local chefs can cook up.

And of course, without the SoCal influence, we might not have one of our favorite foodie traditions—the food truck! The phenomenon truly came into its own in hotspots like Los Angeles, where a medley of cultures, a love of street food and the allure of trendy, blink-and-you-miss-it dining spots combined to create a scene where food trucks thrive. It’s the same on-trend culture that helped to promote the growth of delicious picks like avocado toast and acai bowls, too.

The bottom line? Wherever you dine in Southern California, you can’t help but feel pretty hip while doing it.

Enjoy inspired eats back home…

While Southern California makes for an excellent springtime getaway, you can find SoCal-inspired eats even closer to home! Here at Peach Valley, for example, our California Omelet combines artichoke hearts, provolone cheese, mushrooms and red onions for a colorful, nutritious breakfast pick that echoes the fresh, health-conscious cuisine of California. Our vibrant Superfood Breakfast, Protein Packed Avocado Toast and Blackened Fish Tacos are equally in line with the state’s emphasis on popular, nutritious ingredients and, of course, a touch of flavor carried over by the sea breeze.

Hungry yet? We can’t blame you! Before packing your bags for the cross-country getaway, fuel up with Peach Valley picks that pair perfectly with the Golden State’s breezy vibe. We can’t wait to see you soon!

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