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Sweet, Savory, or Something In-Between? Explore the Five Basic Tastes at Brunch

Mon, May 24, 2021 at 11:31AM

Sweet, Savory, or Something In-Between? Explore the Five Basic Tastes at Brunch

Did you know that the foods you eat on a daily basis can be broken down into just a few basic tastes? To be exact, there’s five: sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami. Let’s take a tour of what these unique taste sensations have to offer – and, we’ll pair them up with some tasty recommendations from our very own Peach Valley menu! Read on to learn the basics of diversifying your next brunch spread.


Do you consider yourself to have a sweet tooth? It’s not actually your teeth – it’s actually more of a receptor on our tongues! Sweet tasting foods indicate the presence of sugar to our bodies – which is a source of energy that we often consider delicious. This is why we find ourselves drawn to candy, pastries, fruits, and so much more. To get your Peach Valley fix for a Port Orange breakfast, you might try our tasty French Toast – crafted with homemade batter, then sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar, served with warm syrup. Or, kick the sweetness up a notch with some added fruit – our Very Berry Stuffed French Toast features creamy mascarpone cheese, raspberry-blueberry compote and fresh seasonal berries!


What taste pairs perfectly with sweetness? Saltiness! Just as sweet flavor indicates sugar, a salty taste generally indicates the presence of sodium. Salty foods are also a brunchtime staple – and the perfect contrast to round out your plate. A simple solution? Add a side! Breakfast meats like our Hardwood Smoked Bacon or Chorizo Sausage might do the trick. Or, opt for an all-time classic that pairs perfectly with any burger or sandwich – French fries!


Sourness is a sense of taste that reflects acidity. While you might not initially have the most positive associations with sourness for breakfast or lunch, there’s actually plenty of your very own favorite foods that are enhanced by a bit of sourness! For example, the taste is present in fermented foods like yogurt – the perfect brown sugar-scented, strawberry-flavored dip to accent our Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters! Beyond this, citrus fruits are another great touch of sourness for your dish – which you might enjoy in a lemon vinaigrette dressing atop a tasty Mediterranean Salad, or adding an extra touch of flavor sautéed with shrimp to create our delicious Shrimp and Grits.


When you taste bitter foods, you’ll note that they’re instantly recognizable. After all, many believe it to be the most sensitive taste, and plenty of people find it disagreeable. However, just like sourness, bitter flavors have an essential spot on the breakfast table. Where, you ask? The obvious favorite: coffee! If you’re looking to get your morning cup of joe, swing by Peach Valley for plenty of options, whether that means regular or decaf, cappuccino, espresso, or even enjoyed cold and sweet (for those less interested in a strong bitter taste) as a delicious Café Iced Caramel Coffee!


Sink your teeth into something savory and you’ll soon understand the meaty appeal of umami – the fifth of the basic tastes. This taste is involved with receptors making contact with glutamates and nucleotides – which sound complex, but are generally found in fermented foods and meat broths. But the taste of umami is widespread – you can enjoy it when you consume meats, shellfish, and fish dishes, but also with tomatoes, mushrooms, cheeses, soy sauce, and even more! To enjoy a hearty brunch, roll with some savory options: try a roasted beef and provolone French Dip Sandwich, pack a hearty breakfast punch with Steak & Eggs, or enjoy some seafood goodness with Blackened Fish Tacos.

If you’re already dreaming up some amazing taste combinations in your head, it’s time to bring that back down to reality. Whether you’re seeking a Port Orange breakfast spot, the best lunch restaurants in Gainesville, or anywhere beyond, we’re excited to welcome you to your nearest Peach Valley Café location, where you can enjoy fresh, homemade food and a friendly atmosphere. We look forward to serving you soon!

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