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Western Adventures with Peach Valley Café

Sat, Mar 10, 2018 at 9:00AM

Western Adventures with Peach Valley Café

Ah, the American West. Beautiful, expansive and steeped in storied beginnings, there’s more to this land than can ever fit on a postcard. So why don’t we go explore it?

Whether you’re gearing up for a westward excursion, or simply want to tag along for the virtual ride, we’ve got you covered. Come along as we explore some of the West’s most significant spots—and see how they inspired key Peach Valley staples, too.

Starting off with a bang: Santa Fe

As you venture west toward the Pacific coast, it’s worth making a detour in Santa Fe. The New Mexican capital not only offers culinary inspiration for dishes like our Santa Fe Chicken Salad, where you’ll find a medley of Spanish flavors intermixed with hot Southwest influences. Santa Fe is also adept at providing a truly immersive walk through time and culture, back to a place where buildings are made of adobe and major historical spots (like the oldest standing church in the country, San Miguel Mission) are common fixtures of the landscape. If natural thrills are more your style, head up to Carson National Forest or visit the stunning stone structures at Bandelier National Monument.

A place to ponder nature: Sequoia National Park

To continue your back-to-nature experience, head to Central California’s Sequoia National Park. You’ve heard the trees here were big—but seeing them in person cannot be compared. Don’t forget to visit General Sherman while you’re there! He’s not a person, actually, but the park’s—and the world’s—largest living single-stem tree.

Feeling hungry? It’s the larger-than-life spirit of Sequoia that inspired a Peach Valley favorite, the hearty Sequoia Burger.

Cruising up the coast: Columbia River

To explore the Pacific coast, we think the best way to do it is from the water. Head up to the Columbia River in Oregon to get in on some of the season’s best chinook salmon fishing, or simply to marvel at the lush scenery and rolling landscapes that characterize the area.

And speaking of salmon—if you don’t catch some yourself, you can always count on there being a refreshing Grilled Salmon Salad when you return to Peach Valley! The Pacific Northwest’s penchant for salmon is easy to see, and we like to celebrate those trademark flavors wherever we can.

The days of the “wild, wild West” may be over, but still, there’s no taming this endless expanse. It’s a place where natural wonder and authentic, inspiring culinary profiles abound at every stop… and we can’t imagine a better getaway for a thrill-seeking foodie.

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