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What Type of Turkey Dinner Are You?

Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 6:05PM

What Type of Turkey Dinner Are You?

Dreaming about Thanksgiving dinner? We are, too! Everyone has their own preferred way to cook up classic Turkey Day fare—but did you know that your go-to method might just say a lot about your foodie personality?

Just read on as we embark upon this turkey personality quiz of sorts!

If you love a classic roast turkey…

A classic roast turkey with all the trimmings is the stuff holiday cards are made of. If you love this standard preparation, it shows that you have a soft spot for time-honored traditions—and a serious appreciation for simple, fresh ingredients coming together to create an elegant meal. When it comes to Turkey Day décor, you mind find yourself gravitating toward a traditional cornucopia centerpiece, fall leaves and classic autumnal décor. And of course, each plate is picture-perfect. The morning after Thanksgiving—or whenever all the leftovers are gone! –you might swing by Peach Valley to enjoy classic bites like Traditional Eggs Benedict or Steak & Eggs, two hearty picks that are sure to hit the spot in terms of style and flavor.

If you dream about deep-fried turkey…

Dreaming about a deep-fried turkey? This classic Southern-style preparation has gained popularity in recent years, and we couldn’t be happier. If you opt for this dish at Thanksgiving, it might reveal your penchant for Southern comfort food (the likes of which can be found in Peach Valley picks like our Chicken & Waffles), as well as your willingness to try something new.  A deep-fried turkey delivers delicious flavor and texture, worthy of any Thanksgiving dinner, but its unique prep style prevents things from feeling too traditional. If you like deep-fried turkey, you might also prefer a laidback dining experience such as an al fresco dinner served in the backyard, with guests gathered around on comfy chairs and outdoor chaises.

If you can’t get enough smoked turkey…

If you’ve ever been to one of Florida’s famous theme parks, you might have tried a delicious smoked turkey leg—and perhaps dreamt about recreating it on Thanksgiving! Well, here’s your chance. If you opt for smoked turkey on Thanksgiving, your inner foodie might just have a playful side, one that your guests are sure to appreciate as they dig in! It’s the kind of whimsical appetite that, at breakfast on Black Friday and beyond, might be satisfied by sweet dishes like French Toast or Chocolate Chip Pancakes. You know that there’s always room for fun, in life and in the kitchen, and this philosophy shows in your Thanksgiving dinner. Just be warned—if you opt to smoke your turkey this year, the aroma is sure to catch the attention of hungry neighbors as it wafts from your backyard!

If you opt for a spatchcocked turkey…

A spatchcocked turkey refers to a turkey that’s cooked without its backbone. By lying flat, it is able to cook more evenly and achieve even crispier skin and moister meat. Essentially, it may look unconventional—but those who swear by the spatchcock method know that the flavor gains are worth it! If you opt for this style of turkey dinner, you’re not afraid to mix things up and try something new for a flavorful reward. At Peach Valley Café, you’re always game to try your favorite dish in an all-new way—like enjoying your Blueberry Muffin griddled for delectable texture, or trying a Blackened Fish Reuben over the traditional sandwich to see the difference a fresh catch can make.

If you forego turkey for veggie-focused fare…

Skipping turkey altogether? If you prefer a plant-based diet and opt for a turkey-less Thanksgiving, your inner foodie might just be a flexible one—one that values familiar traditions while still making room for modern, personal touches. On Thanksgiving, your favorite part of the meal might just be the sides: roasted veggies, a colorful salad or perhaps a decadent dessert. Here at Peach Valley, your inner foodie might be drawn toward a Veggie Omelet, Superfood Breakfast and other picks that prove you don’t need meat to achieve a truly satisfying, protein-packed meal.

We hope that today’s guide helps you understand your personal foodie style! Of course, if it just made you hungry, we understand. After the family feast, swing by Peach Valley Café on Black Friday and all season long to enjoy your favorite flavors—and discover some new ones, too! Until then, we hope you and your family have a very happy Thanksgiving.

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