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What a Waffely World: Celebrate International Waffle Day with Peach Valley

Tue, Mar 19, 2019 at 4:30PM

What a Waffely World: Celebrate International Waffle Day with Peach Valley

Sweet, fluffy and familiar, waffles are a welcome part of brunch and breakfast fare –and not just here in America!

As it turns out, cuisines from across the globe share a love for the waffle, each enjoying the treat in their own unique way. There’s even a day for it! In honor of International Waffle Day on March 25th, we’re taking a round-the-globe tour of some truly delicious waffles. Let’s dig in.

Belgian Waffle

Known for its light, crispy texture and deep pockets (perfect for pools of ooey, gooey syrup and other toppings), the Belgian Waffle is the most popular European-inspired waffle served up in North America. You can enjoy it here at Peach Valley, served up with powdered sugar and syrup or as part of our sweet-and-savory Chicken & Waffles combo!

What we know as the Belgian Waffle is most similar to Belgium’s Brussels Waffle. Named after Belgium’s capital city, this waffle is known for its straight, rectangular shape and familiar deep pockets. Served warm with powdered sugar and other sweet toppings, it’s perfect as a street food or breakfast staple. Of course, it’s not the only waffle Belgium is known for…

Liege Waffle

The Liege Waffle is actually the most popular waffle served in Belgium—and while it is certainly enjoyed at breakfast, it veers far into dessert territory! Unlike a “traditional” waffle, which is made by pouring batter into an iron, the Liege Waffle is made by pressing a sugared, bread-like dough between two hot waffle plates. The result? A sweet, dense and truly decadent spin on the traditional waffle. You can identify this waffle by its thick shape and imperfect edges, often served cinnamon-style or with other sweet toppings, including ice cream!


Another sweet treat, the Dutch Stroopwafel, is a waffle sandwich of sorts. A layer of syrup is surrounded by two thin, chewy waffle halves, providing a delicious dessert experience in every bite.

Scandinavian Waffle

You’ll need a special waffle iron to enjoy your waffles Scandinavian-style—because in the Nordic countries, waffles are served in the shape of a heart! Thin and sweet, these waffles are often served with fruity jams and cream—but in some places, such as Norway, you might find cheese and other savory toppings instead.

We actually have one of these countries, Sweden, to thank for the tradition of International Waffle Day—and it’s all thanks to some silly linguistics. March 25th is Vårfrudagen, a.k.a. Our Lady’s Day and the Feast of Annunciation. The traditional holiday’s Swedish name, though, sounded a lot like Våffeldagen, or Waffle Day. No doubt eager for an excuse to enjoy their country’s delicious waffles, the Swedish people adopted Waffle Day, too, and a sweet tradition was born.

Pandan Waffle

Europe isn’t the only continent that loves waffles! In Southeast Asian countries, especially Vietnam, coconut milk and pandan (a local plant with a flavor that’s similar to vanilla) combine to create the perfect waffle treat—a light dish with a touch of crispness, and a flavor that’s sweet enough to be enjoyed solo. It’s a visual treat, too, as the pandan creates a unique green coloring that’s unlike any waffle in the world.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our virtual tour of waffles around the world! Of course, you don’t need a passport to satisfy your waffle cravings. Dig into a delicious Belgian Waffle here at Peach Valley—or perhaps enjoy a sweet-and-savory fusion with our Chicken & Waffles! Whichever way you waffle, you’re sure to have a truly memorable meal.

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