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Where Eating Turns Educational

Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 5:20PM

Where Eating Turns Educational

Food isn’t just fun to eat… it can teach us a thing or two as well!

In honor of the back-to-school season, we’re sharing some of the easiest ways to teach your child (and yourself!) something new about the food you eat and enjoy every day. Take a look.

Trace the origins of your food

The best thing about fresh, clean food? You can easily trace where it came from and get to know its roots—literally—a little bit better. A great learning opportunity for kids is to visit a local farm or nursery and see their favorite fruits and veggies before they make it to the plate. The result is a better understanding of food and the journey it takes, from seed to the kitchen countertop to your dinner plate.

Learn about chemical reactions in the kitchen

The school science lab isn’t the only place your child can learn about mind-boggling chemical reactions. Amazing transformations take place every day in the kitchen, like when you turn a bowl of ingredients into a chewy sheet of brownies or turn a runny egg into a fluffy plate of breakfast goodness. Another fun “experiment” to try is to demonstrate the physics of density. Use a tall glass to layer water, vegetable oil, corn syrup, and other liquids and have your child watch in amazement as the different liquids naturally layer on top of one another without mixing.

Explore the role of nutritional building blocks

Your child might know the basics of nutrition—maybe you tell them to eat protein for energy, for example, or calcium in their milk for strong teeth and bones. You can further this knowledge of food and how it works as a team! You can whip up tasty foods that, when put together, combine a balanced meal (make a tasty spaghetti for carbohydrates, a portion of chicken for protein, etc.). Just take a few minutes to explain the unique role that each item serves in fueling the body.

Make math fun

Math isn’t always easy—but it’s a bit more fun to learn when you take the lesson to the kitchen! One batch of brownies, for example, can serve as a perfect example of how fractions and multiplication work when it comes to using measuring cups or doubling a recipe for more servings. The final “test” is, of course, a delicious one!

For fun learning opportunities that last long after the final bell of the day, these ideas are just the beginning. Explore the culinary world around you with classes, trips to the farm, and other enriching adventures—it’s sure to make your next meal that much sweeter.

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