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Why We Love Friendsgiving Brunch

Wed, Nov 20, 2019 at 6:07PM

Why We Love Friendsgiving Brunch

Good friends. Delicious food. Lots of laughs and memories—it just doesn’t get much better than a classic Friendsgiving! This year, make yours a Friendsgiving brunch for some festive, flavorful flair.

Just read on to see what we love about Friendsgiving brunch, as well as a few tips for hosting your very own!

It’s the stress-free supplement to Thanksgiving

We all love Thanksgiving dinner—but if you’re the one organizing it, you may find that it’s no small feat of a feast to plan! From the guest list to the centerpiece, the perfect preparation of the turkey to the addressing of everyone’s unique dietary needs and preferences, you may find yourself craving a break in the form of a delicious brunch with friends. That’s where Friendsgiving comes in! Whether you enjoy one on Wednesday morning, or as the Black Friday follow-up to your traditional dinner with family, you don’t need to plan too much. Brunch is known as one of the most casual, laidback meals, after all, so no one will mind if you roll right out of bed and head straight to eat—since everyone else is probably doing that, too!

In lieu of a turkey or special side dish that takes a while to prepare (albeit to delicious results), many of our favorite brunch dishes are easy to make and enjoy. You can even turn your Friendsgiving into a potluck or swing by Peach Valley Café for a truly effortless experience.

The bottom line? Friendsgiving brunch doesn’t replace Thanksgiving—it simply adds another layer of flavor to your holiday experience, a festive, no-fuss layer that’s sure to please!

Come as you are

Do you ever dream about sporting sweatpants at Thanksgiving dinner? We’ve all been there! But even if your traditional dinner is a little too formal for such a look, your Friendsgiving brunch is the perfect place to dress in your comfy best.

Invite the whole crew

Our Thanksgiving guest lists are often limited to the amount of chairs that will fit around our dining room table, or cars in our driveway. At Friendsgiving, you can pick a fun place to meet up—like a local park, the beach or your favorite brunch restaurant—and invite as many people as you’d like! Plus, it’s the perfect way to bring together lots of different friends who may have their own holiday plans on Turkey Day itself.

How to host your own Friendsgiving brunch

Now for the fun part—the food! Here’s how to host your own Friendsgiving brunch:

  • Pick a time and place that’s convenient for the whole crew. Many people will have plans to travel around Thanksgiving itself, so you might even consider hosting your Friendsgiving brunch the weekend everyone is back home.
  • Opt for a central location. Your nearest Peach Valley Café is always a sure bet, as we’ll provide a cozy, welcoming atmosphere (and take care of the cleanup, too!). You can also pick up Peach Valley to go and bring it to the beach or your favorite park for a relaxing, Sunshine State-style al fresco We can also cater a meal at your own home!
  • Decide on the delicious flavors. You really can’t go wrong with Peach Valley picks such as Scrambled Eggs, Muffins or Orchard Fresh Apple Fritters! Mimosas and Peach Bellinis are go-to picks when dining in with us—and if you’re enjoying a meal at home, you can easily add a splash of champagne to our Florida Valencia Orange Juice for the ultimate homemade mimosa.

Ready to host Friendsgiving brunch? Whether you’re enjoying yours at home, at the beach or right here at Peach Valley Café, it’s sure to be a memorable meal for all!

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